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Start Smiling Today - Request Your Free Exam!

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Choose from metal and ceramic braces, or clear aligners like Invisalign.

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Welcome To Straighten Up Orthodontics In Clearwater, FL

Straighten Up Orthodontics has proudly offered the highest quality of orthodontic care to our patients in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay, FL communities since 2005. Board Certified orthodontist Dr. William Layman and our friendly team of professionals are committed to providing you with the level of care you deserve in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Orthodontic Treatment Tailored to Your Teeth

Straighten Up Orthodontics offers children, teens and adults the most advanced materials, equipment and techniques in orthodontics – many designed to accelerate your treatment. Whether you’re seeking subtle aesthetic corrections or looking to make significant changes for a healthier bite and better oral health, our goal is constant – helping each patient achieve healthy, functioning teeth and an inviting smile.

Our Treatment Suite Includes

  • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen removable clear aligners
  • Clear Braces – for a discreet look while your smile straightens
  • Traditional Metal Braces – now more compact and less noticeable than ever before, with color choices to show your style!

Additionally, our dedicated team handles scheduling, insurance matters and record transfers from your general dentist. Let US focus on the paperwork, so YOU can focus on your healthy new smile!

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Meet Dr. Layman

Dr. Bill is passionate about working with patients to create a life-changing smile, and delivering that care in the most efficient way possible for the patients he serves.

Every month, Dr. Layman travels nationwide to teach other orthodontists about new patient centric technologies.
Every month, Dr. Layman travels nationwide to teach other orthodontists about new patient centric technologies.

Patient Experience

What Makes Us Great

We communicate with your general dentist to ensure a consistent approach.

Improving your comfort and reducing your time in treatment.

Orthodontic treatment made affordable for you and your family.

We are committed to providing outstanding service to everyone who visits our office.

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Orthodontics for Kids

When Should My Child Get Braces?

Consider early diagnosis and treatment to align your child’s teeth, preserve space for permanent ones, and prevent front teeth fractures.

Orthodontics for Adults

55% Of Our Patients are Over the Age of 21

Join the 1 in 5 adults enjoying the benefits of orthodontic treatment, proving it’s never too late for a confident, healthy smile.

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